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Eski Guvercinlik Yolu 113
Gazi 06560 Ankara TURKIYE
Phone: (+90 312) 296 20 00
Fax: (+90 312) 296 29 99


Technopolis Silicon Blok
Base Floor No: 25
METU Campus 06531 Ankara TURKIYE
Phone: (+90 312) 210 12 06
Fax: (+90 312) 296 29 99


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Since 1955, Mitas Energy and Metal Construction have a continious growth trend and we, as  MITENG - Mitas Engineering Inc. are proud of playing one of the most significant roles in this over 50 years of dynamism.
MITENG - Mitas Engineering, Inc. contiued its operations under Mitas Energy and Metal Construction providing design services for the Group.  As of  February 2005,  we are positioned as an independent engineering company.
Our intentions of focusing on our core business and be able to serve to overall market needs resulted with the implementation of our engineering design consultancy experience and know-how on a wider range of customer portfolio.
Our target is continuous improvement in line with the recent developments and supply of quick, reliable and qualified design in accordance with the national and international standards.